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Tamara Ihnen

From a very early age, Tamara developed a passion for health and wellness from the foundations of her love of movement & dance. Having studied Sports Medicine after high-school, yet struggling to have a sense of belonging within that industry, Tamara was blown away when she began following Tyler & Don in 2013. Their principals… so simple, so achievable and with so many amazing results, reignited a spark to service others within a community she finally felt at home! In 2017 Tamara had a miscarriage and discovered she had a large fibroid in her uterus. The advice was surgery or going on the pill as the only options to stop it from growing and it would most certainly impact any future pregnancies. At 38 years old and this her first attempt to have a baby, the advice felt non conducive to falling pregnant and having the baby she and her husband so dearly wanted, so a consult with Tyler was booked. The result of following Tyler’s advice was astounding. Within weeks the fibroid reduced by 75%, fertility retested and comparable to that of a 17 year old and she was pregnant again before she knew it! Full of life, love & laughter, Zion is now 2.5 years old and is a testament to Tamara’s healing journey for not only herself but her son. Drawing from her own experience both physically & emotionally, Tamara endeavours to guide her clients to regain control over their lives and begin their journey to Heal-Thy living and life balance.