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Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Sinclair has set on a journey a couple of years ago to heal from a chronic sports injury which has left him in chronic pain for years. He is currently putting physical and mental preconceived limits to the test through a journey of fasting and he is thriving for a new standard of optimal health. Sinclair is committed to the 7 Principles of Health and has become an expert in fasting & detoxification and he is one of the very few people on earth that have done a 40 day water fast alongside many longer and shorter juice and water fasts over the years. Sinclair is very dedicated to the process of healing and is excited to now pass on his knowledge to others.


Reviewed February 2020
Amazing Coach

Sinclair has recently completed a 40 day water fast and he is the most knowledgable person when it comes to fasting & detoxification. If you have a desire to explore the spiritual, mental & physical experiences of extended water fasts, Sinclair is your man. He will certainly hold you accountable along the way. ;)