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Scott Gregory

Scott’s Heal Thy Self journey started back in 2012. Scott was suffering with reflux, gut pains, mood swings, fatigue, headaches and a bulging lower disc as a direct result from a work injury. Scott has been seeking answers and after diagnosis which provided little, it led him to a medical specialist who prescribed Nexium & Lyrica. When the pharmacist realised he had not taken Lyrica before she handed him 2 double sided A4 pages of precautions and side effects one of which was along the lines of “avoid direct exposure to sunlight when taking this medication”. This ultimately started Scott to look at the reality of taking a ill every day versus finding real answers. At the time Scott had a varied diet of McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks with plenty of home cooked meals however had not linked any of this to his current health crisis. After attending a mates juice party Scott realised he’s lifestyle needed some updating and he stumbled across Tyler’s live training events. Since then he has healed the bulging disc in his spine without surgery. Relieved the headaches, cured the gut issues and no longer experiences rapid mood swings. With education and simple changes to diet & lifestyle Scott has also managed to lose 16kgs whilst putting in the least amount of physical effort possible. He believes it is more important to communicate with your body than just to hit the gym. The majority of people fail at losing weight cause they don’t realise that society wants them to be fat. That way they consume more of everything, they live in a negative state and when they do that there is no motivation to have a positive impact on the world. Essentially being held down rather than being encouraged to succeed. Scott’s passion is around sharing and having a positive impact on the world through education and sustainable food production. One way is through Urban Farming incorporating permaculture, aquaponic & hydroponic techniques. He’s system is currently helping to educate school students in Sydney through understanding how to grow food. When you can truly appreciate what you are putting into your body it makes a huge difference to living your best life. Plants can improve mental & physical health in anyone who takes the time to discover them. Scott is ready to help everyone to start their journey to improved health.