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Rina Cohen

Every day is like an orange. The way to live is to get all the juice. Growing up in an emotionally abusive environment, overcoming an eating disorder and healing breast lumps in my 20’s, recovering without drugs from post natal depression in my 30’s, healing from heavy metal toxicity in my 40’s and sailing through menopause in my 50’s, all while managing stress levels of parenting two boys and running my own business. Starting as a fitness leader I discovered the principles of natural health in the 80’s. I Unleashed my Power with Tony Robbins in the 90’s, met Don Tolman in the early 2000’s and then my mentor Tyler Tolman has inspired me to shift the paradigm. I now live a life by design on every level. In addition to being a qualified HTS Coach and Integrated Nutritional Health Coach, Rina is an award winning Interior Designer for over 30 years. Health starts from the inside out. Your home and work spaces must support and inspire your health and wellness goals. Design all areas of your life and enjoy the juice every day.