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RC Blakes

R.C. Blakes, Jr. is a husband and father of four. He is a grandfather. RC is an empowerment speaker. Though he is a pastor, preacher and teacher his approach is conversational. He believes that transformation happens in conversation. He tackles issues and subjects that are sometimes uncomfortable for many leaders to address and maybe even difficult for some people to understand. RC is the pastor of the New Home Family Worship Center of Louisiana and Texas. He is the author of several books, including: Queenology, Imperfectly Holy, Soul-Ties and others. His most popular is entitled The Father Daughter Talk, which is actually more than a book- it is a national movement. His women’s empowerment conferences ( Queenology) are life changing for women who travel from around the nation and abroad. RC has traveled extensively to communicate the principles of: healthy relationships- self-discovery- self-love, faith in God- and success in life. He’s married to Lisa Blakes. The two of them are partners in purpose as they work to change the world, one honest and transparent conversation at a time.


Reviewed August 2021



THIS man is telling women what I want to tell them! Although, and Yes, while I personally know my worth, I was NOT trusting in God and giving Him my ALL and now I have R.C. Blakes to continue to encourage me and give me and our Here and Now Generations and Future Generations so much Hope for the Healing of Our Human Kind. R.C Blakes gives the How To and His love in his work has accomplished his Mission/ God's Mission to ENABLE and ENSURE that my God-Given Queen Crown STAYS PUT on my head in ALL areas of my life. Oh Yes, I do have the Love of God in my heart, but that is not all now I can "Keep my Queen Crown" on my Head. Now I have hope for All when Good people like R.C Blakes and his wife Lisa STAND UP to the Truth. LET US NOW Rejoice !!

Great Content
Reviewed September 2020

Kaye Nabaza

RC Blakes' content has taught me to put myself first in order to be present for others - something i really need to learn a lot more. Can't wait to for hear more. Thankful that he is already part of TRiBE!

Soul Medicine Man
Reviewed September 2020

Rachelle Starr

I discovered Pastor RC Blakes during a difficult time in my life and his words and wisdom literally soothed my soul.. helped me regain my core and to focus on being the Queen I am and allow the noise of the outside world pass me by! #HighlyRecommend!

Thank you ????????????♥️