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Rachelle Starr

Heal Thy Self Business is Rachelle’s platform to help leaders, educators and healers spread their message, scale their business and create true abundance for everyone. Rachelle Starr is no stranger to success or struggle. While building a 7-figure brand and mentoring leaders in the wellness industry build 6-figure businesses, in a short space of time she lost her mum, her dad and her husband. As a courageous single mum, businesswoman and friend to many, she won’t tell you it’s easy, but if you have an important message to share then she’ll be right by your side.


Incredible business leader
Reviewed October 2020

Inna Segal

I have worked with many amazing business women over the years with the success of my books The Secret Language of Your Body, but I’ve never worked with a business visionary who is so intuitive, steadfast, wise and willing to meet everyone from her heart. If you ever have a chance to work with this incredible soul, please take this golden opportunity. Thank you Rachelle from the depth of my heart for all that you do and how you serve so many.

Visionary of the Heal Thy Self Movement
Reviewed October 2020

Hayley Weatherburn

Rachelle Starr is a visionary for the light workers around the world. She helps healers & educators get their message to the masses through her proven framework. If you get an opportunity to work with her, or at least follow her formula, your message will be heard by many!