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Rachelle Starr

Rachelle Starr is a passionate entrepreneurial business woman who works alongside change makers that have unique messages and offerings that have the ability to change the very fabric of civilization for the better… both online and off. Australian born but now based in paradise Bali, Rachelle has been interested in health, wellness and personal development ever since she was in her early 20’s. However it was 2018 that was her biggest ever catalyst for change, her ‘banner year’ for personal growth. It was during this year that her mother suddenly passed, her marriage of 10 years ended and her father passed - within 1 year. Rachelle took her healing to another level inviting the very best experts, coaches and healers into her life to help her recover from the deep amount of loss she was exposed to. Fast forward to 2020 and Rachelle is taking all this wisdom, experience and connections and funneling them into her project The Heal Thy Self Movement. Already a worldwide phenomenon the movement offers people a hub for health, healing and happiness through world class products, programs and people all curated by Rachelle.


Incredible business leader
Reviewed October 2020

Inna Segal

I have worked with many amazing business women over the years with the success of my books The Secret Language of Your Body, but I’ve never worked with a business visionary who is so intuitive, steadfast, wise and willing to meet everyone from her heart. If you ever have a chance to work with this incredible soul, please take this golden opportunity. Thank you Rachelle from the depth of my heart for all that you do and how you serve so many.

Visionary of the Heal Thy Self Movement
Reviewed October 2020

Hayley Weatherburn

Rachelle Starr is a visionary for the light workers around the world. She helps healers & educators get their message to the masses through her proven framework. If you get an opportunity to work with her, or at least follow her formula, your message will be heard by many!