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Nicole Phoenix Starr ~ Durgaji NikStarr

Nicole Phoenix Starr is an ordained Hindu High Priestess. A humble, down to earth woman. Her tantric guru gave her the name Durgaji on their first meeting. Pronounced: Durr-gah-gee. An extraordinary journey. She has graced world stages, run events, immersions and retreats in many eclectic places. Everyone who meets her finds a part of themselves within her and her life story. A solo mother of three children who navigates life from the sacred in every moment. She has an online temple, runs women's groups online and does a myriad of other things. She has an eclectic community that is full of women just like you. We call it, the Path of the Living God*dess. A catalyst for the awakened journey for thousands of people. A gracious guide. A wise woman. A leader. A teacher. There are no co-incidences, you are here as part of a soul contract. The divine journey that is life continues to unfold!


Reviewed September 2020
A true warrior of the divine!!

Nicole has taught me so much wisdom when it comes to coping with what life throws your way.. The magic she brings and the wisdom she teaches has been soothing medicine for my soul! #HighlyRecommend this woman x

Reviewed September 2020
Helped me break down the walls...

NikStarr has been a life saver many times. She helped me to crack out of my brain and drop into my heart on many occasions. This allowed me to move through old trauma's and start to step into more of myself and my passions. I am forever grateful to Nicole for her help on my life's journeyi