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Mitch & Mills from MJB Seminars

Mitch Behan is the Co-creator and Developer of the Equilibration Process®. He is a Human Development Specialist and Educator, Presenter, and Speaker. He is the Head Director, Head Facilitator and Master Equilibrator for MJB Seminars. He travels the world leading transformational seminars and experiences to thousands. His personal clients include Doctors, Neuroscientists, Psychiatrists, CEO’s, and Professional Sports Personalities. Emilia Tomeo (Mills) is the Co-creator and Developer of the Equilibration Process®. She holds a Bachelor of Education and has spent over 16 years working within the personal development industry. She is the key driving force in the creation and development of the Equilibration Process® and how the world experiences it today. She is a Speaker, Presenter, Educator, Writer, Facilitator and Wealth Principles Coach for MJB Seminars. MJB Seminars is a human development company based in Perth, Western Australia. The Equilibration Process® holds the key to unlocking our genuine self and our genius potential, by balancing our perceptions and awakening us to the essential nature of who we are.

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Reviewed October 2020
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If your looking to up-level and live an inspired, authentic life - Mitch & Mills can help you get there. Their wisdom will help you breakthrough.. cracking through whatever has been holding you back. #HighlyRecommend