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Mama Manon

Mama Manon is a gentle and compassionate soul committed to make the world a better place by supporting mothers with Aware Parenting and Trauma Healing. Trained in Somatic Experiencing, she is passionate about understanding adults and children through the lens of the Nervous System and Attachment theories. She supports families, helping them heal from trauma, repair attachment ruptures, become more regulated and more resilient to daily stress. As a mother herself, she knows how hard things can get! She's realised that no matter how many books you've read about parenting, no matter how well you KNOW (cognitively) how you'd like to raise your kids, there is something unconscious happening, making us all do or say things to our kids, that we regret later (talk about #MumsGuilt!). With her calming presence and soothing French accent, she helps us understand better and become more conscious of these subjacent mind-body dynamics, guiding us towards greater embodiment and empowerment in our parenting journey. You'll find below some of her articles, posts and videos as well as her online courses, her support group and a link to her 1-1 sessions.

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Reviewed September 2020
Magnificent guidance.

My old friend. I am so pleased you are here to share your incredible wisdom. Once again brilliantly done. Mind opening and heart centred . All connected to the nerves we have inside of us. The information you bring to parents is what I wish for when jayman was little. I made so many mistakes back then. I am so pleased you are here to share your wisdom and experience with all the mumma here in tribe. X

Reviewed September 2020
Aware Parenting Master!

Mama Manon is an amazing woman who helps me with my confidence as mother.. I love her strategies and tools to help me understand my little girl Seaenah more.. assisting me to reparent myself.. reset my own nervous system whilst parenting my little girl consciously. We are very blessed to have her join our TRiBE educators to help us Heal ourselves whilst helping heal our future leaders of tomorrow.. TODAY. #HighlyRecommend!