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Loralee Humpherys

I have always been passionate and committed to healing, natural health and personal development. This was sparked by a deep unraveling I experienced that began while in college, and continued for several years afterwards. Everything that held myself and my reality together came up for questioning – the beliefs and lifestyle I had been raised with, all my relationships including my family, who I was and what life was about. That period of my life was actually my spiritual awakening -- to heal my heart, psyche and soul. Had this not been addressed, it could have developed into a physical disease. Several years later I met a teacher healer who became very influential for me. Through working with her, my psychic abilities began opening and piece by piece, the shards of my being and life came back together. I learned a great deal about myself, caring for my body, and natural healing principles. Two weeks after graduating from college, my mother passed away from breast cancer, something she had struggled with for 12 years. For many years afterwards, the fear that I would end up like her because of genetic inheritance always dangled in the back of my mind. I learned that I no longer needed to fear getting cancer and struggle like she had. That through proper diet and living, the disease never needed to be a possibility. I vowed that I would live so my life would take a very different route from what my mom had chosen. Little did I know that that commitment would lead me to walking away from the social and religious culture that I had been raised in. Including my family. I was introduced to Don Tolman in 2008 and Tyler in 2009, at presentations he and Tyler gave in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their message resonated deeply with me, and completely aligned with what my teacher healer had taught me all those years. After reading the Farmacist Desk Reference, I immediately became vegetarian and started living the seven principles of health. I understood the power of fasting, and how I had dropped 20 pounds during my first juice fast. Weight that at the time I thought I'd never be able to get rid of. Since then I have done numerous juice fasts. I am an advocate for plant-based eating, the importance of emotional healing, spiritual development, and creating non-toxic living environments with the use of essential oils. I have been a licensed massage therapist and energy healer for 20 years. Trained in aromatherapy, holistic nutrition and the principles of health taught by Tyler Tolman, my goal is inspire and aid others on their personal growth and healing path. To help you grasp the great potential within waiting to be discovered, so you may experience a life of fulfillment, creativity and optimal health.