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Kat Dawes

Welcome to the Present Moment! Kat Dawes is the founder of a transformational, entertaining curriculum called NOWism. Talking you out of discipline and into ‘blissipline’, she is that magic dash of humour bringing a breath of fresh air to the often daunting and arduous process of healing. She is a Performance Philosopher, Author and Spirituality Coach, known for her dynamic and entertaining teaching style. Kat is where you go when you need to raise your vibe. She has a unique language and culture which is catchy and playful. NOWism gives you new eyes for life! It trains you to look for possibilities instead of being snagged by all the the problems. You learn the value of responding instead of reacting. Kat has made consciousness and spirituality into an engaging game! With an infectious presence that literally changes people, Kat Dawes unifies and inspires!


Reviewed August 2020
Connecting me with the Divine..

I love listening to Kat's wisdom.. she is a master at helping one to ground into the TRUTH and connect with the higher purpose and divine order of this magical world we live in! I LOVE her Sunday Services in TRiBE premium!! #HighlyRecommend

Reviewed August 2020
Healing Poetry in Motion...

Kat is a master of word-ism's and plays with them so the wisdom inside gets past your usual barriers and reaches. into your heart and brings you straight into the NOW. Listen to the dance she does and shares wise self-development tools to help you thrive in the NOW!

Reviewed July 2020
Kat is NOW

Kat makes the world a better place to live in. Her Nowism just makes sense. Being present and in the now is where it's at and there is no better person to teach this. I could listen to Kat all day. Thanks Kat for all that you do.