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Karla Freeman

I’ve always tried to be a healthy person and have had a fascination with diet and nutrition for as long as I can remember . Although it wasn’t until 10 years ago when my beautiful younger brother got diagnosed with Bowel Cancer at the age of 27 and was dead by the age of 30 that I really stood up and started to take notice of what is going on in our society. Doctors telling my family there was nothing we could do for him and not even addressing his daily intake or diet . I knew this was not right but didn’t have the tools or the confidence to suggest otherwise. This put me on a mission as I knew there had to be something more we can do . That’s when I discovered the Tolman’s and have been in love with this way of living ever since . I was too late for my brother Paul so I dedicate my journey to him knowing I can now help serve other people on their own journey back to wellness . To offer an alternative and positivity to people when they feel like they have nothing else.