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Karen Thorley

Karen is a qualified health professional with a passion for hormone health and the role of toxins play in this. Her life is typically Australian. She says that, since growing up with no knowledge of what she calls ‘Lifestyle Medicine,’ her life has not changed much change but also changed a lot. Karen grew up in a typical Australian family with plenty of fresh air, exercise, fruits, vegetables and occasional treats. She felt healthy and vibrant with no worries. She left school and spent the next 17 years as police officer continuing to lead an active life but as time went on, she suffered post-traumatic stress followed by a bout of depression and a back injury. Then, for seemingly no reason, pain in her knee then her shoulder and, despite the myriad of tests and scans the medical professionals could find no explanation. The numbers on the scales were creeping higher and finally she suffered debilitating constipation that left her writhing on the floor in pain for days at a time. And she had no idea why. Was she unlucky? No, she was uneducated. Whether you are a mother having trouble losing the baby fat, a teenager with pimples or period pain, over 40 suffering hot flushes or under 30 suffering endometriosis or PCOS, your hormones are out of balance. You can take medications to balance your hormones and control your symptoms OR you can work with your body to clear underlying causes and allow the body to balance itself naturally with NO unwanted side effects. Karen’s best advice is to get help as young as possible!! You would be surprised at the everyday things you are doing which are affecting your hormones – right from birth.