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Jody Jelas

In a time that may feel like uncertainty, there is always equal opportunity. After 20 years in the online strategy industry I am seeing proof that there has never been a better time than now to turn your passion into profit. It's a time for you to step into your joy and create a lifestyle that is serviced by your business, not feeling like a slave to creating income. I'm so grateful for being in an industry helping to set people free through monetizing their passions. I can help you to create an online program and set up an income stream that comes from pure joy.


Reviewed October 2020
The most authentic business woman I have ever met!

Jody Jelas is a dynamic powerhouse marketing genius who is so entertaining to learn from and to work with! She is transparent and authentic and I just love her! Highly Recommend anything that this woman stands by!

Reviewed October 2020
A Firework of Inspiration & Knowledge

Oh wow Jody Jelas is such an inspiration and so knowledgeable at the online game! She wants you to win and gives so much value to help you succeed! If you are thinking about joining one of her programs... take the leap! You won't regret it!