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Hayley Weatherburn

Hayley Weatherburn is passionate about all things “Thriving with Nature”. She believes that if we align ourselves with the force of Nature we will thrive physically and globally. Sharing tips and tricks about growing fruit, veggies and herbs regeneratively as well as understanding the magic of Nature, Hayley will re-inspire you to get back in connection with your plants and with Nature. Join Hayley regularly in the TRiBE Premium schedule through her classes “In the Garden with Hayley”.

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Thriving with Nature, it’s not a choice!
Ancient Observers Urge Us to Look at What is Happening
Thriving with Nature #18 - Fermentation: Creating life in the kitchen with Chef Cynthia Louise
Thriving with Nature #1 - Thrive or Die
Thriving with Nature #2 - Regenerative vs Sustainable
Thriving with Nature #3 - How Can I Life a Regenerative Lifestyle?
Thriving with Nature #4 - The Key Ingredient: Soil with Chef Cynthia Louise
Thriving with Nature #5 - Ocean Plastic and Solutions With Emily Penn
Thriving with Nature #6 - The Seed as Physician


Reviewed August 2020
Green Thumb Extraordinaire!!

Hayley's excitement and passion for the land is intoxicating! Her Saturday sessions in the garden makes me just want to get out side in nature!! If your looking at ways to Thrive in Nature - Hayley is your go to gal! #HighlyRecommend

Thank you Rachelle! I just love playing in Nature and sharing it's magic! So glad you are enjoying it <3
Reviewed August 2020
Amazing knowledge

Thank you ???? Hayley I stumbled across your event and my goodness, it has opened my mind to so many possibilities into permaculture and living with nature again. Please keep on sharing your amazing knowledge ???? I can apply quiet a bit of the knowledge in everyday life as well

Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes Permaculture isn't just about gardening but a way of living aligned with Nature. Love seeing you in the classes, you ask excellent questions that helps keep me on my toes and learning more too! See you in the next class Veronica!
Reviewed August 2020
Passion in Nature!

Hayley is a superstar in the garden! Her wealth of knowledge is incredible and you can just feel that she is living in her passion. She is incredibly helpful and is eager to solve any issues that pop up in our local garden or wider farming communities. I highly recommend you join her events!

Thank you Fi! I so LOVE being in the garden and always learning more about Nature. I truly believe that is MAGICAL and I want to share this magic...because I believe when we tap into that - not only will we thrive through our health, but our planet will too! See you in the next Premium Class!