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Filippa Araki

Compassion Coaching with Filippa Araki Transform your inner and outer worlds and step into being more of who you really want to be in your life. Through The Compassion Process, you can learn and develop skills in: 1. Self Compassion 2. Empathy 3. Emotional Intelligence 4. Compassionate Communication 5. Compassionate Boundaries 6. Peaceful Conflict Resolution When we engage our heart and intuition along with our heads, we can live and communicate with more coherence. Change starts from within and your heart is the key.


Reviewed September 2020
INCREDIBLE to say the least

I have had the pleasure to work with Filippa for many years now off and on. In person and online. My learnings have transformed my entire world. I get me and I learned to see the beauty in from my past and present. She is a genius. I am pleased that I have had the pleasure of her words and guidance over the years. Chef x

Reviewed September 2020
Compassionate Communication to the next level!

Filippa takes what I have learnt of Non-Violent Communication (or a nicer way to say it is Compassionate Communication) and takes it to the next level! Taking into consideration our energy and emotion! She has put it in step by step process so it's really easy to follow! Highly Recommend her to help your relationships with yourself and others to the next level!

Reviewed September 2020
Powerful yet gentle woman..

Filipa is an amazing woman who powerfully shares wisdom in the area's of Empathy, Self Compassion, having more Emotional Intelligence and Compassionate Communication. So grateful to have her in this community! x