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Fida Fadel

Hello everyone, I’m Fida and I’m a teacher of the Non-dual Path, a Gene keys Ambassador and an Astrologer. I’m very excited to be sharing my love for Truth with you. Every single human on this planet is looking for something. And at the heart of every search is the longing to return home to the One Self. Join me in the most exciting exploration of your life. I’ll be guiding you to rapidly gain a direct experience of your limitless and Eternal Self—total freedom—as well as your true potentials through the exploration of your unique design. I’ll be helping you close a chapter in your life where you thought yourself to be a separate entity that is born to struggle, strive for its survival and die and begin a new chapter where you will discover the bliss, the joy, the freedom and the love of your limitless essential nature. This is our journey together. Look through my channel for more information and free offerings, otherwise I will see you on the Premium Classes.


Reviewed October 2020
Get ready to be INITIATED!

I met FIDA when I was searching for answers as to why things were happening the way they were… Fida is nothing short of a magical being that has provided SO MUCH medicine for my soul when I needed to understand and remember the truth most.. She initiates you and helps you fall in love with your uniqueness... helps you to embrace your gifts and execute your vocation so you can crack on and simply be who you are.