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Dr Carli Axford

I’m a qualified chiropractor, wellness coach, retreat facilitator, breath-work and meditation teacher and the founder of the Spinal Flow Technique. In the last two decades I’ve lived and worked throughout the UK, USA, Asia and Australia. I started my career as a chiropractor. I hold a double bachelor degree in Chiropractic Science which has given me the doctor title. Since then I’ve helped thousands of people heal from pain, illness, disease and discomfort in their bodies, when nothing else helped them in the past.


Reviewed August 2020
Amazing Healer!

Carli is one of the most amazing healers! Her ability to help individuals heal is phenomenal. #HighlyRecommend

Reviewed August 2020

Dr Carli has such an amazing way of empowering myself to help really listen to my body and work out how I can help it release and heal! It's life-changing... I love her Premium Classes!