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Diane Shalevski

Di is a certified Health Coach, Advanced Iridologist (certified member of IIPA), EFT Practitioner, and has been a professional speaker for over 20 years. She is also a proud educator in the Heal Thy Self community, a trained Aromatherapist and a huge advocate for no-tox living. With her years of experience, she can help you use essential oils to support each body system, plus detox your entire home. For several years, she has been sharing her wisdom and experience to educate clients on the how to identify, eliminate and heal the body from the viral load that can come from the enormous amount of toxins that we’re exposed to every day. Di believes that many of the chronic conditions we see nowadays are lifestyle diseases, and when there is the right education people can make better choices that will serve not only themselves but also future generations. She personally achieved such great results by making many changes to her lifestyle and this fuelled an enormous passion for this natural healing pathway. As someone who suffered from IBS, obesity and Breast Implant Illness (BII), she now dedicates her life to helping others make the lifestyle changes need to achieve the vibrant health they deserve.


Amazing Coach
Reviewed August 2020

Carla Gates

Di is an amazing woman & amazing coach. I have now completed a 12 week 1 on 1 coaching program with Di & looking back I can not believe how far I have come in 12 short zoom sessions, not just with my health journey, but my overall personal growth & development, of how I now show up in the world. I am so grateful to Di for the support, encouragement & guidance to help me address area's in my life that I did not have the courage to visit on my own. I would highly recommend Di to anyone & everyone! Di is not only incredibly knowledgeable, she is so much more, she is kind, compassionate, caring, passionate, intuitive, supportive, non-judgemental to name a few. I honestly believe by putting in the hard work with Di holding my hand I and not the same person I was at the beginning of this journey, I am an even better version of myself. I have gained the tools needed to carry forward through life & I know whatever comes my way I can move through it with ease. I encourage you to book a session with Di, it is life changing, best investment in myself I have ever made!

Brilliant Coach
Reviewed August 2019

Kirst Trethowan

I can't speak highly enough of DI and her depth of knowledge and expertise. I love that she uses a combination of tools to help heal including EFT, iridology and aromatherapy. Her knowledge is one thing but her passion for her clients is next level. She goes above and beyond for her clients and really does care. You are definitely not a number with Di.

Dianne is AMAZING!!!
Reviewed August 2019

Client Review

My 21 year old daughter had been unwell for over 10 years. She has been suffering with digestive issues, severe bloating, loads of aches and pains throughout her body and extremely depressed. I took her to many doctors, specialists and has had many tests. We couldn't get ever any answers. I found Dianne on Facebook. Took my daughter in to see her and after an 8 Week Program I couldn't believe the difference. Nicole has come a long way. Dianne is amazing!!! - Nicole Mercandel

Di is wonderful
Reviewed July 2019

Kaye Nabaza

Di is wonderful. So knowledgeable & excellent customer focus & service. She is able to normalise your experience & guide you to better decisions & outcomes. Di is easy going & caring. Such a breath of fresh air. Thanks”