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Daina Kahu

A woman on a mission to help you have a GREATER RELATIONSHIP with your body through MOVEMENT, CONNECTION and PLAY! Daina says that our body is without doubt the most DURABLE, INTELLIGENT, and FORGIVING body on the planet! When we NOURISH it correctly it can give us the most fulfilling and enjoyable PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE through life.


Re learn everything you think you know
Reviewed August 2021



This amazing wahine will challenge how you see your body. She will take you places you have never been and understand things you didn't even know you needed to know. THANK YOU xx

Kia mihi koe ki nga kupu atawhai, Sam. Appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here. I love being a part of your journey x
Reviewed August 2020

Rachelle Starr

Daina is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to reading the body and what it needs! I love her ability to meet you where your at and keep things simple, digestable and most importantly achievable! Highly recommend!

Connects me to my Body..
Reviewed August 2020

Hayley Weatherburn

Daina has a really amazing way to help you to unlock and free your body...and in doing so it does the same with your mind and emotions... healing through moving.. connecting and playing. Love Daina and the work she does with connecting us back to our body... like it was a kid again!

Makes exercise fun
Reviewed July 2020

Kirst Trethowan

Daina is amazing. I am not a great exerciser but Daina makes exercise fun and has this smart, logical and clear way of explaining what you're doing and why. She helped me love my body!