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Claire Holbrook

Claire has been passionate about health and wellness since 2008 when her first born son suffered severe eczema and allergies. She set off on a mission to heal him with diet and lifestyle changes and it worked. Then 7 years later Claire was diagnosed with debilitating Lyme Disease and shortly after received the devastating diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2017, straight after the birth of her 4th child. The tired, exhausted and depleted mother of 4 found herself on yet another mission but this time to heal herself. She had surgery to remove her thyroid but refused all other medical treatments and turned to alternative therapies instead. Claire met Tyler Tolman a few years prior and she immediately started to incorporate his fasting and cleansing protocols and implemented the 7 Principles of Health. She then spent time in Switzerland at a world renowned alternative medicine clinic where they also incorporate the same principles into their healing programs. Today Claire remains cancer free, free of all Lyme Disease symptoms and has never felt any better. Having witnessed and experienced the incredible healing of her son, herself and others that she has helped along the way, she knew that it was her calling to help others on their health and wellness journey. Claire has extensive fasting experience as she has done a 20 day water fast in 2019 and numerous juice/water fasts over the years. “My goal is to educate, support and empower those I work with and I want to help take the fear out a devastating diagnosis. I am committed to helping people realise their own potential and achieve vibrant health by creating customised plans following the 7 Principles of Health with a focus on plant based nutrition, detox, emotional balance and lifestyle.”