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Chef Cynthia Louise

For years I have worked in exclusive Health Retreats where I was limited to the number of people I could support. And now I can through my world whole foods plant-based class online cooking classes. I’m also the creative food director of the global brand GENIUS CAFE, building 50 cafes worldwide. It's a joy to train the next generation of chefs on how to look after themselves and their customer’s ultimate health with what they are serving on the menu. I am an international speaker and presenter on whole food cooking and eating the way nature intended us to be when it comes to living a thriving energetic life. I am a big supporter of women's health and wellbeing through the way I teach about how I like to cook and eat (taking the bullshit out of eating really)


Reviewed August 2020
Chef changed the way I saw food!

Chef Cynthia is the heartspace of food! As a previous meat-eater who cooked around the type of meat I felt like, I felt lost when I moved to a more plant-based focus. She showed me how to make plants taste amazing, and even super creamy (potato bake is a fav!) and just brought life back into my kitchen! love her!

Reviewed February 2020

Can't get enough of her Vegan Nacho Cheese Recipe!!! Even my picky eater kid loves it! Thanks Chef!

Reviewed February 2020
Chefs food and recipes are amazing!

OMG I had so much fun attending one of Chef Cynthia Louise's programs! Her upbeat spirit, her way of simplifying foods and cooking, and her way of looking at ingredients are truly inspiring. And gosh it tasted good! I just love the way Chef teaches how to use simple ingredients to create amazing yumminess.

Reviewed February 2020
Passionate Foodie

I’ve been a passionate foodie all my life, after finding Chef it took it to the next level! Whole Food Plant Based is another way of cooking & Chef brings it alive with such passion!! Whole foods made tasty, you’ll never get bored! Love having chef in my kitchen with her online cooking classes, it like she’s there cooking right beside me! Her recipes are simple, doable & extremely tasty!! Something for everyone!! I’ve made the Gluten Free lasagna & my hubby didn’t even know it was meat free ???????? I’m so excited to find a Chef who’s passion shines so brightly & gives wholeheartedly !!!

Reviewed February 2020
This woman changed the way I cook

I love Chef Cynthia and am so blessed to have found her and her sensational food and entertaining way of teaching. We had been vegetarian about a year before coming across Cynthia and boy did she change the way we eat. Her recipes are magical - full of flavour, nutrition and oomph! Maybe it's that extra bit of love and joy she puts into her recipes, or maybe it's the fabulously fun way she teaches, or her commitment to nourishing organs - no idea what it is but I do know we pretty much eat her food everyday and love it. xx

Reviewed February 2020
Love love love Chef Cynthia

Her recipes are just amazing. There is nobody like Chef Cynthia Louise. Her intentions behind her recipes and love for whole foods can be felt from afar and none of her recipes have disappointed. So yummy!

Reviewed November 2019

Chef Cynthia Louise is a true master and leader when it comes to creating healthy whole food scrumptious meals that truly serve your organs and help you to Heal Your Self from the inside out!! A creative genius and inspirational woman that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to tackle the kitchen whether you meet her in person or on screen! Highly Recommend!!!!!!!