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Carolina Torres Arevalo

Carolina’s healing journey started by identifying the transparent causes of disease. Commonly known by trauma and beliefs. She experienced that the healing journey is complex and sometimes painful. Some of the decisions she has taken to heal her body included: leaving a high paid toxic corporate job, stopping drinking alcohol for six years now, practicing daily physical longevity activities, adopting a plant-based diet, living in a non-tv environment, and the most recent and difficult decision was to terminate her long-lasting relationship to let go of toxic attachments and to provide room for healing and freedom. She believes everyone’s journey is different. “my journey started with a broken heart, followed by a severe skin condition, followed by a toxic job and an unresolved relationship” Carolina believes that the best way to avoid diseases is by acquiring self-awareness, then taking personal responsibility, gathering knowledge and finally acting with determination to create change and integrity. She understands well that the journey is easy to be said but hard to be done. She has acquired highly valuable knowledge from her mentor Tyler Tolman and the principles of health. She has training in providing tools to understand human consciousness and change. She is open to hear people’s concerns and to determine together the best approach for support.