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Britelle Humfrey

Britelle has been a passionate advocate about the simplicity of health for a long time and aims to help others learn the fundamental principles of health by getting back to basics. She genuinely believes gaining true health doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process and optimal health and vitality can be possible for everyone. Together with her teaching qualification and background in education, training from Tyler and her natural leadership qualities, Britelle is well equipped to support her clients learn how to heal themselves so they reach their true potential. “My goal is to help educate, empower and guide people through their health journey and take the often overwhelming complexity out of the equation. By keeping the process grounded in the basic fundamentals and following the 7 Principles of Health, I truly believe with a customised coaching plan everyone has the ability to reach their health goals. It is an absolute pleasure to work with individuals who genuinely want to learn how to heal themselves and it is my honour to walk with them through the process.”