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Amanda Smith

Although healthy living has always been in my life striving to embrace the best of both worlds wasn’t doing me any favours. After years of living the party life my health took a turn on the downward side and I knew I had to correct it or pay a hefty price - Being in the hospitality industry and watching so many go from well to crippled up with illnesses, I just knew that was not where I wanted to head in my later years - and that there must be another way - my own journey lead me to Tyler Tolman and it resonated with me so strongly I knew I’d found my pathway - my own results so far have had me feeling the best ever - clearing Lyme from my system, arthritis, digestion issues and loads of niggly symptoms as well as getting my husband off his medications of blood pressure, cholesterol and warfarin has inspired me to encourage others to take charge of their health.