We have 5 areas of healing:

Learn safe, natural and practical ways to heal illness, cleanse your body and enjoy your life.
Understand and heal your Inner Child, stuck emotions & past trauma to let go of the past and live in the present
Clear limiting beliefs, remove self-sabotage and improve your concentration to be at your best.
Understand energy, connect to your intuition and heal the real cause of dis-ease.
Clear your money blocks around money and attract real abundance into your life.

Susan Ritter

Financial Leading Learner & Mentor

Susan Ritter, founder of Wealthy Wise Woman, is passionate about bringing the power...

Chef Cynthia Louise

Wholefood Chef & Educator

I love to cook and create food for people. Real food, as in edible plants! Food as ...

Diane Shalevski

Health Coach

Di is a certified Health Coach, Advanced Iridologist (certified member of IIPA), EF...

Inna Segal

Inner Healing Educator

Inna is a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human con...

Lucy Teear

Health Coach & Detoxification Specialist

Lucy is a certified health coach, kundalini yoga teacher and advanced iridologist (...

RC Blakes


He believes that transformation happens in conversation. He tackles issues and subj...

Emma Bliss

Holistic Health Coach

Emma is a certified Holistic Health Coach having trained with the Institute for Int...

Hayleigh Louise

Embodiment Facilitator| Mentor

Hayleigh is a divine and courageous women who brings her leadership to the surface ...

Coach Carolina (Kharo Faro)

Health Coach

Carolina’s healing journey started by identifying the transparent causes of disease...

Hayley Weatherburn

Thriving with Nature

Hayley Weatherburn is passionate about all things “Thriving with Nature”. She belie...

Amy Lang


Amy Lang helps parents of preschoolers to middle schoolers become their go-to birds...

Meryl Dorey

President of the Australian Vaccination Network

Meryl is a mother of 4 children, the eldest of whom was injured by his vaccinations...

Nika Dostal

Health Coach

I was always curious about the body's innate healing capabilities and the potential...

Teresa Ibarra PhD


Teresa’s inspiration about family values, natural remedies and believed to be healt...

Daina Kahu

Body Relationship Coach

A woman on a mission to help you have a GREATER RELATIONSHIP with your body throug...

Clint Facey

Brotherhood Facilitator & Vitality Coach

A qualified PT, Tony Robbins University graduate & leader and fasting expert, Clint...

Dr Nima Rahmany

Chiropractor & Emotional Trauma Specialist

Dr. Nima Rahmany, DC, CCWP is both a Chiropractor and an educator, specializing in ...

Rachelle Starr

CEO of Heal Thy Self

Rachelle is a genuine soul, who’s passionate about helping others and sharing the p...

Verena Leimbach

Animal Natural Therapy

  • #petcare
  • natural petcare
  • conscious petcare
  • dog trainer

Jaqueline Nicole

Inna Segal Healer

  • #inner healing

Danny Vorhauer

Success Mastery

  • #business success
  • wealth mastery
  • financial success
  • entrepreneur

Helen Tsipas

Alternative & Holistic Coach/Mentor

  • #breast cancer healer
  • mindset
  • NLP
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  • iridology
  • selflove
  • anxiety

Margaret Tysoe

Inna Segal Healer