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Strengthen Your Immunity

Available Everyday

I’ve been diving into the immune system because it’s the most vital system we need to heal today.

In my next monthly series “Strengthening Your Immune System” I will reveal 3 secrets to understand and release the emotions that may be compromising your immune system.

You might have physical symptoms such as

- feeling tired or sluggish

- difficulty sleeping

- brain fog

- difficulty breathing

- fluctuating energy levels

Or you might notice emotional patterns such as

- comparing yourself to others

- pleasing others so they will like you

- unable to say no

- feeling burdened by other people’s troubles

- feeling sad, weepy or anguished.

These are all signs that you have stuck emotions in your thyroid, your lungs, or you are not following your true purpose in life.

Join me as I share insights, wisdom, and lead you through some powerful processes to release trapped energy and restore you to your true path in life.