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Championing your Inner Child!

Tue, Apr 13, 2021 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm SGT

In this inner child series of master classes I want to inspire you to champion your inner child. In other words to create trust between the little you that has unconsciously been directing your life and the wise aspect of you that can begin to offer true love, care and wisdom to this incredibly creative, often wounded and abandoned aspect of your inner self.

In this master class I want to share how you can learn to respond rather than react to many of the challenging experiences and situations in your life.

For most people their inner child runs the show and thus creates havoc in their personal life.

Intimacy is at its best when we have a healthy, open hearted, whole, creative, inner child.

Most people re-create their earlier parental relationships with their intimate partners because they have never taken the time to heal, nurture and re-parent their wounded, abandoned, needy inner child.

Thus their inner kid looks for the parental attention, love and nurturing they never got from the intimate partner.

When you discover how to partner with and re-parent your inner child, you allow yourself to grow, love, value and know the depth of who you are.

Please join me for this not to be missed FREE master class!

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