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Weight Loss & Body Image

One topic that seems to be at the forefront of our culture is body image. The pressure to be slim with a fat stomach and no cellulite has driven many of us to insanity, especially during the heroin chic skeletal looks for anyone growing up in the 90's.

Luckily things are changing, but many of us still have strong impressions from growing up and society about how we should look and it takes work to unlearn that and come into a neutral state about our bodies. It's easy to forget all the amazing things our body does for us (not just what it looks like!).

In this dashboard we also look at the myth of calories (who eats less and still can't loose weight) and expand the conversation to emotions, types of exercise and the roll of stress. 

If you've struggled with body weight and image and are sick of hearing that you just need to eat less then the conversations and resources in this dashboard are for you.