Published By: Susan Ritter | Wed, Oct 13, 2021

This week we will look at the question, “Can you be a wealthy person and not be rich?”

Let’s start with a quote you have probably seen before – after all, quotes are all the rage in SM today!

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” ~anonymous

After first glance, this would imply that you don’t need financial resources to be wealthy.  However, that is not quite what it means.  Rather, it means you cannot be rich without being wealthy.  When you understand how wealth works, you’ll realize that wealth reflects an underlying value.

Let’s look at that underlying value.

If you are a very creative person, you likely have a million ideas every day about how to solve problems.  Some of those ideas will be good, while others, not so good.  By being in a situation where you can solve problems with good ideas consistently, you become a success.  People reach out to you to solve their problems.  They see that you have a high level of value that they can benefit from and are willing to pay you to solve their problem.

Here is another example…

Let’s say that you are a people person.  You are the one who always gets the family or the gang together to celebrate an occasion.  You know everyone and love knowing everything about everyone.  As a result, people know that when they come to you, you’ll be able to connect them with the resources they need to accomplish their desire, whether personal or business-related.  As a result, you are always in the know, opportunities are coming past you at all times, and because of your savvy about people you know when a good opportunity arises and when a bad opportunity should be avoided.  Stepping into the good opportunities naturally results in your own financial gain.

Let’s try another one…

You are also a people person, but your nature is less about bringing groups together and more about being that trusted friend and helpmate.  Your deep caring and consideration bring solace to those in struggle and support to those who need a helping hand.   Your sense of timing and patience means that you are there for the long term, providing stability and consistency for those who need it and a balance to those who find it difficult to stay on task.  This quiet, endurance provides the basis for long-term success in business and personal relationships, creating a wealth that is based on personal trust.

The last type of value is found in the people who get stuff done.  Their strength is less about the relationships and more about the tasks, the data, and implementation based on the data.  They analyze the problem, the solutions and the data, assessing the details, making concrete decisions and acting on those decisions.  These individuals make sure all the others achieve their outcomes.   

Of course, no person is just one type.  Each person has some combination of these characteristics.  Things that they do well, and things they do less well.  By learning where your natural tendencies and strengths lie, you can leverage those strengths to provide value to others and build their trust in you over time.  As that trust builds, it increases the number of opportunities that come to you and increases the financial returns you can earn based on the value you provide.  

So, Let’s ask the question again, can you be a wealthy person and not rich?  Only if that is what you choose.  If you are a wealthy person, it is because you have honed your natural abilities through education and experience, provided them to others who can benefit, and now have knowledge, skills, experience and a network of people who you can help and who can help you.  With value to give, money will find you, it is completely up to you to accept it. 

Unfortunately, many people who don’t understand that money is a reflection of the value that they offer.  They won’t pick it up and therefore they remain financially poor.  This is particularly true of women who struggle with asking for compensation for the value they give.  In fact, I saw a statistic recently that said that 61% of women are more comfortable talking about their own death than about money.

Those who recognize that money is a reflection of their value and not only accept it, but expect it, will always be compensated for the value they offer.  And even if they lose it, they will never stay poor for long because they already know how to leverage their knowledge, skills, experience and network of people to exchange their value for money all over again.

So the answer is, all wealthy people can be rich, if they choose. 

If you believe you have wealth, but are not rich, it is time to ask yourself, why are you not accepting the money?  Why are you giving your value away for free?  Why don’t you believe you can and should be rich?  

Alternatively, if you haven’t built your wealth of knowledge, experience and network, then what do you need to do to find that genius that you have, that has remained hidden?

If you need help with either of these questions and if you are ready to make a change.  I’d love to help you.  Contemplating these questions and opening the path to personal wealth,  necessarily provides a path to financial wealth.  This is one of the first steps you take when you join Wealthy Wise Woman.


Original Source: Can You Be Wealthy and Not Rich? | LinkedIn