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Wealth is a 4-Letter Word Written By: Susan Ritter | Thu, Sep 09, 2021

Wealth is a difficult concept for women to discuss.  

Historically, only men used money and wealth as a yardstick to determine their own success and compare it against the success of others. For women, wealth was measured by their success in finding and marrying a wealthy or potentially wealthy man and bringing up productive, equally successful children. 

However, since the second half of the 20th century, women in the man’s business world  have begun accumulating their own financial wealth. Now that they have a means of creating or accumulating wealth, it is necessary for them to become educated in how to manage their wealth to protect it and allow it to grow. 


First, they must become fluent in the conversation of money and wealth.  For many, the conversation of money is a discussion about not having enough. Money is seen as a thing unto itself that needs to be chased, acquired and then spent or given away as quickly as possible in the name of good deeds.Many women feel guilty when they begin to earn more money than their male counterparts. Rather than accumulating and enjoying the benefits of their work, they spend it or give it away.  

As a result, most women who die of natural causes die in poverty, which is even more likely since they live longer than men. Until there is an understanding of what money is and its purpose, women will have difficulty enjoying their wealth and ensuring their wealth stays intact through to the end of their life and beyond.

Original Source:  Wealth is a 4-Letter Word | LinkedIn

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