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Reparenting Your Inner Child Written By: Rachelle Starr | Wed, Mar 31, 2021

I didn't look into Inner Child work until my marriage had ended and my parents had passed away.

At that point I realized I couldn't ignore certain thing any more.

Understanding first of all that there was a little girl inside of me, and that she felt hurt and abandoned, was a revelation.

I understood that because I hadn't paid attention to this upset little girl, she found wars to recreate this pain through different circumstances in my later life.

It was a mind-blowing concept, and one that had profound consequences for my happiness, my health, and my relationship with my daughter.

Currently in Heal Thy Self we're focussing on Inner Child Healing with my dear friend and teacher Inna Segal.

I can't recommend this work enough.

The quicker you can identify where your pain points are, and where your Inner Child is holding the steering wheel if your life,

the quicker you can heal those aspects of yourself and take charge of your life from a liberated perspective.

In the past I had difficulty connecting to my Inner Child, but as a mum I'm doubly aware of my Inner Child and the little emotional injuries and traumas that seaenah experiences.

I'm learning to walk both of us through the though times and it's a liberating, empowering feeling.

Inna Segal has been a huge resource and major inspration for me in connecting with this part of my life.

To fully be free and live in an empowered state of mind for the first time has been the biggest gift to myself and my daughter.

If you're interested to discover this for yourself in your own life then join us at Inna's FREE 3-day Inner Healing Retreat, Hosted online from Fri 9th - Sun 11th April. You can register HERE.

The week before the retreat she's also hosting a Masterclass called Free Yourself from Trauma on tue 6th Apr @4pm SGT

Look forward to seeing you there.