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Nurturing Yourself, your TRiBE and your planet Written By: Rachelle Starr | Mon, Apr 05, 2021

Some days, nurturing myself like another task to do.

One these days I can feel like a Human Doinf rather than a Human Being.

But I'm glad I do, because it's the little thing that pay off over the lng term

Every day I take my greens and berries.

Every day I make time for working out+ Hot/cold therapy

Every day I make time to connect with family and friends.

Some day there's time for more nuturing - like exchanging my white cotton buds for organic bamboo ones (Soory planet), 

Or researching more about conscious parenting, or simply taking one precious moment to reflect on life.

Some day there's less time, and that's ok too.

I'm getting more serious about how I spend my time.

As Dr. John Demartini says:

If you do not fill your day with high priority actions that insipre you, your day will fill up with low priority distraction.

I'm serious about being the best mother, the best woman, the best human i can be.

And I'm serious about supporting you to do the same.

How do you want to spend your time?

As you're pondering that, now is a great time to introduce Kat Dawes special workshop called Mindful Manifesting.

The founder of NOWism takes us through some special processes and her insights info menifesting and creating a life full of joy, just the way you want it.

Join here on Tue 6th Apr @ 7:30am by registering HERE.

It may not be easy to nurture yourself if you have some trauma in the backgroud..

Inna Segal is teaching a Masterclass on how to Free Yourself From Trauma so you can get back on your feet and stay in alignment with your highest good,

Join her on Tue Apr @ 4pm HERE

As we learn and grow, make sure you connect with your sister to share the love! The TRiBE Sisterhood Circle is on again - Wed 7th Apr @ 5pm.

And there's nothing more nurturing that Nurture herself.

Hayle Weatherburn takes us on another journey into the world id permaculture, veggie gardens and a life lived close to Nature.

Her workshop Thriving With Nature starts on Thur *th @ 8 am SGT. Register HERE.

Have a wonderful week!

PS - I'm sure your've heard that Inna Segal's Free 3-day Inner Healing Retreat begins on Fri 9th April. It's virtual event you can attend from the comfort of your home.