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Mental Health

Mental Health is finally starting to get more attention as physical health. There's so much to unlearn and re-learn! This dashboard is all about that. 

We've pulled together some of our TRIBE Educator experts to share on the link between emotions and mental health, and physical exercise and mental health; and 'exercises' to increase the strength of our mental health so we feel strong enough to face challenges in life and harness the power of our mind to create our future.

So many of the resources we have in TRiBE contribute to your mental health, everything from doing the 7 rounds of 7 breathing to calm and ground you, the use of essential oils to change and uplift your vibration (we love Young Living Oils Stress Away!).

The more you incorporate all of the 7 Principles of Health - Air, Water, Sunshine, Exercise, Relationships, Passion, Wholefoods - these are all going to contribute towards your mental health too.

We hope you really enjoy the collection of classes and videos below and remember together we are better, so reach out to someone if you feel you need some extra help with your mental health.