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How Your Inner Child Impacting Your life Now? Written By: Inna Segal | Wed, Apr 07, 2021

Whilst it would be easy to generalise the inner child archetype, in my experience the deepest, most profound healing occurs when we become aware of the different aspects that the inner child presents to us.

Through working with thousands of people, I have observed four common types of inner-child archetypes: the abandoned, the wounded, the rebellious, and the Divine.

When you identify which aspect of the inner child has the most authority in your life at a particular time, you have an opportunity to befriend, nurture and embrace this part of your inner self.

Through this healing you become more confident, enlivened, creative, loving and open hearted. You also begin to heal a myriad of physical conditions as well as identify and transform old belief patterns, which keep you struck in a rut. When the different aspects of your inner child are whole, you manifestation capacities increase 10 fold if not more. You also start to truly understand what real self love, nurturing and wholeness really means.

I invite you to join me for a FREE master class and discover how you can become all of who you are meant to be!

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