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Effective Communication Written By: Rachelle Starr | Mon, Sep 07, 2020

We learn to talk from such an early age, but we're never really taught how to communicate effectively. 

Well we've curated the best experts and resources on this topic.

Communication is so much more than talking, it's about listening, feeling, responding rather than reacting.

It's also about learning discernment... when to share and what to keep private.

Like all things 'holistic' health - the more you put time into the 7 Principles of Health, the more balanced and aligned you will feel and it's likely that Effective Communication will then come more naturally.

Check out the Relationships module in our 7 Principles of Health mini course for more and don't forget the 7 rounds of 7 breathing exercise for when your angry and need to calm down before reacting at someone!

We hope you enjoy the resources below.