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Conscious Parenting Written By: Rachelle Starr | Tue, Mar 09, 2021

This is Heart breaking to say as a parent, My daughter is 9 and her shine is going away

She misses her Dad intensely, and while I'm building a business, sole-parenting, providing

and holding it together for us, there's no way I can give her what a Dad gives

Her hormones are coming too, and I'm fielding questions about love, crushes and "what's sex mum?"

I realize that i learnt the hard way.

No guidance.

No instructions..

and nothing about healthy boundaries

I made it through, but I wish I'd been taught in the first place.

I'm uncomfortably aware that I'm imprinting her with my own beliefs, and I'm questioning

myself at the same time.

Is that really my belief

Or did I get it from my parents, society or somewhere else?

Of course no-one's perfect, and I'm not the only one to be a little overwhelmed by kids, co-parenting, sex

and screen time all in the one place.

In my quest to become a better parent I've been on a deep dive, reading blogs, collecting articles

and spending time with healers.

On my journey I met the extraordinary Durgaji Nikstarr.

She's really a good old country girl from Wagga who fate choose to become an ordained Hindu Priestess.

Along the way she's not the pround mother and co-parent of 3 energetic kids.

So she's got some great perspectives on balancing the practical with the spiritual.

I'd love you to meet her, and this week she's running a workshop on Conscious Parenting.

It starts on Thur 25th @ 4pm SGT and you can register by clicking HERE:

If you learn just one thing which saves you more time, means less stress,

or just allows you to feel like you're actually winning as a parent, then it's totally worth it.

That's what the HTS TRiBE is for..

Like-minded souls supporting each other to do the very best we can.

I'll see there.