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Ancient Observers Urge Us to Look at What is Happening Written By: Hayley Weatherburn | Sun, Aug 02, 2020


The first principle in Permaculture is to Observe. To really take the time and watch what nature is doing, or not doing. To get a full understanding of your domain and what is happening at levels. The sun, wind, water, soil, plants, animals, everything! It is suggested the ideal time to observe before you do anything to your land is around 12 months so you can see all seasons, get an idea of everything that happens to collect data for when you make decisions to build your home, garden or anything else. Obviously, in this day and age, time is so precious we often have to observe as we go.

Now I want you to imagine having the opportunity to observe for thousands or more years, as your primary purpose and then passing this behaviour down to your children along with the knowledge you have learnt. The wisdom gained is bound to be deep and quite profound. This is illustrated in the documentary “Aluna” .

For thousands of years, the Colombian tribe the “Kogi” have been doing just that: watching, thinking, discussing and have so much wisdom to share, that for the second time only they decided to share with us, their “Little Brothers” what they have seen through the millennia in this documentary.

They show how destroying certain points on the ocean, in mangroves, lagoons, rivers,  has a huge impact on the mountains. Although we think logically that things come down from the mountain and not the other way, we forget that for water to get to the top, it has to evaporate from the oceans, lagoons, mangroves below. The whole system is connected. And when you block one river, drain a lagoon, it affects and can essentially destroy areas up in the mountains that are linked. With natives disappearing, water drying up and landslides occurring.

We are so interconnected that any destruction in nature can have a huge ripple effect.

The good news is, if we start healing some areas, other areas can equally improve. I truly believe that we can live in this world and thrive with nature, that we don’t have to destroy it to get what we want.

So how can we start creating a THRIVING PLANET?

  1. Recycle & don’t use single-use plastic
  2. Grow your own veggies OR support your local organic farms
  3. Use renewable energy resources
  4. Help re-plant forests that grow soil like Syntropic Agroforestry
  5. Try and eat at least 80% plant based if not 100%
  6. Share the message with your community
  7. Spend your money wisely with organisations that help this planet thrive (eg organisations that think about the full cycle of their product or service and it’s impact on the environment).


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