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Juice Fasting Starter Kit

7 DAYS TO A NEW YOU! A 7 day juice fast is the perfect way to flood your body with nutrients whilst giving your digestive system a break to clean, rest and heal. This kit contains everything you need to super nourish your body during your fast. Recipes for juices plus sachets of Greens and Berry Hit superfood powders to add an extra dash of vitamins and minerals and also super convenient for when you’re out (just add water!). We’ve come to realise there’s no need to keep things cool either, when your body craves warm in the evening indulge in some delicious veggie broth with the simple to follow recipe inside. Use the pH strips to check your body’s levels of acidity too. What’s in the box: Juice Recipe Book Greens Sachet x 7 Berry Hit Sachet x7 Veggie Broth Recipe PH strips