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Healthy Teeth Kit

HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS If you’ve just been brushing your teeth then let us introduce into a whole new level of mouth care! Oil pull then use the tongue scraper in the morning to remove toxins that accumulate on the tongue overnight, this alone makes a massive difference to how your mouth feels. Our super natural toothpaste works on not only cleaning and whitening teeth, but keeping gums healthy and your breath minty fresh. Use in on the natural bamboo toothbrush to care for the environment too. Finally rinse your mouth with the water spray machine to get into all the nooks and crannies and voila you can enjoy that super “clean teeth feel” without any toxins or nasties. What’s in the box: Tongue Scraper Tooth Water Spray Machine Bamboo Toothbrush Fresh Breath & Teeth Whitening Oil Pull Toothpaste