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Digestive Tea Box

CLEANSE BLEND Our digestive tea is a blend of Senna Leaf, Green Tea & Calendula Petal. It’s designed to improve digestive health, and is especially where constipation is an issue. This blend of tea improves digestive transit, reduces cramps and bloating and is packed full of anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties. Our body has 4 channels to eliminate toxins - breathing, perspiration, urination and defecation. When your digestive transit is slow or you are constipated this can deeply affect the toxic load in your body resulting in bloating, an overworked liver, inflammation, acne and many other health conditions. If you are cleansing or detoxing and your digestive transit slows this tea blend can help to get things moving again and eliminating toxins. This tea is recommended for short term use and for more chronic digestive issues you may also like to consider an enema kit to gently encourage bowel movements or do one of our Colon Cleanses. Ingredients: Senna Leaf, Green Tea & Calendula Petal. Instructions: Add one sachet to your tea infuser and place 200-350ml water and steep for up to 5 mins depending on preference. No more than one tea per day is recommended. Note: Calendula can stimulate menstruation, so pregnant women (or animals) should not use it internally without consulting with their health care provider first.