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Deep Clean Skin Kit

GuaSha & Riffi Mitt Guasha (gwa-sha) and is a special deep clean skin scrub used by Ancient Asian, Greek and Egyptian civilisations to unblock the pores of skin. Regular soap only ever really cleanses the surface of the skin, but not deeply into the pores. The bicarbonate soda in the GuaSha is highly alkaline, it kills acidic bacteria that build up in the skin. The skin is seven layers of dermis and epidermis and a lot of stuff can accumulate in the skin. Fungus, yeasts, petrochemicals, parasites and moulds that can come out as rashes and infections. In the shower, rinse your whole body, turn off the water and add a tablespoon or so of the GuaSha mixture onto the Riffi Mitt for each of your limbs. Firmly scrub over your entire body. Rinse and feel squeaky clean. What’s in the box: GauSha Riffi Mitt