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Colon Detox Starter Kit

GLOW FROM THE INSIDE Regular colon cleansing ensures you remove excess toxins and built up waste from your body. Without regular cleansing this waste is a feeding ground for parasites and other nastiest and can inhibit how much of the nutrients you absorb from food. We’ve put together this kit for you which is everything you need to begin colon cleansing. It includes our best selling 4 Day Colon Cleanse plus extra support with 7 Days of Digestive Cleanse Tea and our Parasite Cleanse. There’s even an Enema Kit included to help encourage bowel movements to eliminate toxins fast. This kit will have you glowing from the inside out. What’s in the box: Colon Cleanse Sachets x 20 (enough for a 4 day cleanse - 5 servings a day) Parasite Cleanse Digestive Tea x 7 sachets - 1 tea a day for 7 days Tea Infuser Disposable Enema Kit